Plaza Andalucía-Uno

Maribel's Andalucían Kitchen

Maribel's Andalucían Kitchen

"Maribel’s food was delicious. We were converted to her cooking on our first night here and immediately abandoned our plans for self-catering for the duration of our visit."

"Maribel’s paella is the best we have tasted in Spain – and we have tried a lot."

"We will be talking about Maribel’s meal: the preparation, presentation and celebration – for ages!
That was a marvel."

Make up your own menus from the typical Andalusian dishes listed here -
or ask Maribel for further alternatives

Entradas / Starters
Carnes / Meat
Pescados / Fish
Postres / Dessert

Potaje Andaluz/Vegetable and chorizo soup

Cocido/Chickpea and chicken soup

Gambas rebozadas/Prawns cooked in batter

Gambas al Ajillo/Prawns in garlic

Jamon Serrano con Melon/Serrano ham with melon

Ensaladilla de Mariscos / Seafood salad


Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha/Grilled breast of chicken

Rabo de Toro/Ox-tail with rich herb gravy

Carne de Monte/Venison stew

Secreto Iberico/Uniquely delicious pork fillet

Carillada/Spanish delicacy - pig´s cheeks

Croquetas Caseras/ Homemade chicken croquettes

Fritura variada de Pescado/Fried mixed fish & seafood

Chipirones/Fried baby squid

Pescado a la Plancha/Grilled fish
of the day

Paella Marisco/Saffron rice with seafood

Cazuela de Fideos/Fish and Seafood Soup

Calamares Rellenos en Salsa/Stuffed babu squid

Mejillones al Vapor/ Steamed mussels

Ensaladas de frutas frescas/Fresh fruit salad

Flan de café/Coffee flan

Crema Caramel/Caramel cream

Naranjas en Aceite/Oranges in olive oil

Fruta de Temporada/Fresh fruit in season

Arroz con Leche/ Rice pudding

Queso Regional/Cheese of athe region


Vegetarian Options
Typical Menu for €15
Side Dishes
Gazpacho/Andalusian cold tomato soup

Salmorejo/Córdoban thicker version
of same with garnish

Ensalada Verde/Lettuce and tomato salad

Ensaladilla Rusa/Russian salad

Berenjena Rellena/Stuffed aubergine

Revuelta de Verduras/Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Puerros a la Vinagreta/Leeks vinaigrette

Tortilla de Patatas/Spanish omelette


Tortilla Espanola


Pollo al Ajillo


Pescado a la Plancha


Ensalada de lechuga
y tomate


Arroz Natural/Plain rice

Pasta Natural/Pasta

Papas Fritas/Chips


Habas/Broad beans

Patatas Bravas/Potatoes in piquant sauce