Plaza Andalucía - CASA UNO



Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Christians have all contributed to the spontaneous traditions of Andalusian cuisine, with its myriad combinations of fresh fish, seafood, meat, game and vegetables in season.

From CASA UNO it is a 25 minute drive to the great temples of Andalusian cuisine in Córdoba (see the Gazetteer on this website), and only a 2-minute walk to delicious Andalusian lunches and dinners at Las Pinedas’ own BAR GRAN PARADA.

OR WHEN YOU JUST WANT TIME AT CASA UNO FREE OF COOKING, our friend Maribel can prepare you a traditional Andalusian lunch, or a dinner to come home to in the evening, with a Starter, choice of Meat, Fish or Vegetarian main course and a Dessert to follow. For some of her extensive repertoire of delicious dishes and a sample menu, click on MARIBEL’S KITCHEN.



´La Reina de la Cocina Casera´ (´The Queen of Spanish Home Cooking´)